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16mm Cine Film to DVD

Transfer, copy and conversion of Super 8, Standard 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm cine film to DVD and Digital File Formats. for home editing.

We are a specialist cine film and video transfer business established over 15 years. We operate from Studios in Camden High Street, London. Callers are welcome to pop in anytime and we welcome mail order customers.

16mm - The Process

Huge advances in film scanning technology, and continual investment in the latest cutting edge equipment means we can bring you exceptional quality at the cheapest ever prices.

Ciine Film Identification

Advantages of our cine transfer system.

  • No sprockets to damage your film
  • Perfect for old and fragile film
  • LED light source - no heat produced
  • Transports film under capstan tension
  • No gears or sprockets to damage film
  • No dropped frames during capture
  • Contrast and sharpness enhancement
  • Colour correction optimisation
  • Choice of output options

It is the only safe transfer method for film suffering Vinegar Effect - Vinegar Syndrome

Apart from straight film capture, for a small extra cost cost you can choose to titles, captions and a sound track added to your cine transfer. However, we we always add our professional expertise, gained years of creative experience.

The Process

Time & Length

The easiest way to find out both the running time and the film footage of 16mm film is to measure the diameter of the reel

  • 3" diameter - 50ft, 2 minutes
  • 5" diameter - 200ft, 8 minutes
  • 7" diameter - 400ft, 15 minutes
  • 9" diameter - 800ft, 30 minutes
  • 12" diameter - 1200ft, 45 minutes

Please note that running times are approximate as they depend on the frame rate.

Editable Files

Editable MP4 Computer Files

Instead of encoded DVDs for watching on your TV system, you can choose to have digital MOV files for home computer editing.

We can convert cine film to MOV) computer files, ready to view and edit on your Windows or MAC computer.

Each minute of cine film takes around 1gb gigabytes so the files will need to go on a USB hard-drive or large capacity USB stick. You can provide your own, or buy one of ours.

Editable Files

Film Identification

16mm cine film is so-called because it measures 16mm across.

Types of 16mm Cine Film

Cine Film Identification

There are three types of 16mm in common consumer use.

These are 16mm film with a brown magnetic sound strip down the side, 16mm film with an optical sound strip down the side, and finally, cine film with no sound.

Identification Guide


16mm cine film transfer - " I had no idea what was on the old 16mmmm cine reels shot over 30 years ago. I had never seen any of what was on the film and was surprised to see our one day old daughter who is now 31 years old So many treasured memories were gathering dust in the attic all this time. I urge everyone to get those old movies put onto DVDs before it's too late. A fabulous opportunity to bring the past back for future generations to enjoy - Thank you" 
Ashley - Westminster

Cine 16mm Prices

Prices for 16mm cine start at £25 per reel. We normally like around two weeks to turnaround customers 16mm cine film but if we need to, we can beat any deadline.Don't worry if your reels are not completely full, we will only charge for the actual cine footage.

For full details of 16mm cine cost download our PDF price guide.

PDF Cine Prices


Total Peace of Mind

We are part of the Kodak Express group specialising in Video Tape and Cine film transfer to DVD.

We have studios on Camden High Street, London were all work is done onsite. Callers are welcome and Mail Order customers can shop online with us with complete peace of mind..

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Colour Enhancements

For various reasons, your cine film may have undergone a shift in colour balance. Typically, a magenta, pinkish tinge is often seen.

Colour balance optimisation of cine film

Colour correction, optimisation, enhancement and adjustment services are available..

Colour Adjustment


All cine film that comes into our studios is assessed for damage and cleanliness, FREE OF CHARGE.

Typically, films may need resplicing and a puff of compressed air to remove dust and hairs.

On occasion, cine film comes in smelling of vinegar - Vinegar Syndrome, or may be badly affected with mould and mildew. If this happens, we will contact you to discuss the options.

Cine Film Cleaning

16mm Cine Film Transfer

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