PAL-NTSC Conversions

NTSC-PAL Conversion

You may or may not be aware that in the UK, the PAL TV standard is used. In countries such as the US, Canada, Japan, France, Brazil and many other countries the NTSC TV standard is used.

NTSC-PAL Video Tape Conversions

If you have a tape that has been recorded using NTSC Standards and you need to play it on a UK television system, it will need converting to PAL. Conversely, PAL recorded tapes will need to be converted to NTSC in order to play on TV systems in the US, Japan and Canada.

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How We Can Help

We can convert any PAL recorded tape into NTSC for playing on TV systems in the US, Canada, Japan etc.

TV Standards conversion from NTSC to PAL are more problematic due to the variety of tape formats.

We perform the following NTSC to PAL services in house

  • All PAL formats converted to NTSC
  • VHS from NTSC to PAL
  • VHS-C from NTSC to PAL
  • S-VHS from NTSC to PAL
  • Mini DV from NTSC to PAL

If you have tapes either originating in those countries, or recorded on cameras sold in those countries, or if your finished DVDs are destined for one of those countries, you will require TV Standards Conversion.

Costs & Discounts

The cost of conversion and transfer to DVD of PAL to NTSC is £40. The price applies to consumer tapes only. For prices of PAL-NTSC conversions of professional, please contact us. Discounts are available for quantities.

We can also convert NTSC VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS and Mini DV to editable MP4 Files. The cost of this is £40 per tape (up to three hours) with a discount for quantities.

Although DVDs can last a lifetime without deterioration in quality, one scratch or scuff mark will render it unplayable.

For this reason we strongly advise you to order an extra DVD back up copy of your NTSC-PAL conversion work. The cost is only £5 per tape and well worth it for absolute peace of mind. Customers are advised to email us with their enquiry BEFORE dropping off or posting us NTSC work - ©