120 Colour Film Scanning


120 Slide Scanning

We offer high quality E6 120 medium format colour slide scanning at prices which are amongst the cheapest in the UK.

So, if you have lots of old slides sitting in a garage, or upstairs in the attic, get them to us before it's too late.

Typical brand names for 120 medium format slide films are Kodachrome, Kodak Ektachrome, Fuji, Fujichrome, Agfachrome, Agfa, Perutz and many more.


Download the Film Services Price list in PDF Format:)

Standard Resolution

File size is approx 4.5mb file and 1024x1570 pixels in size - it depends on the exact format of the film ie 6x4.5cm, 6x6cm, 6x7cm. It is good for printing up to A3

  • £1 per frame up to 200
  • 80p per frame above 200
  • 60p per frame above 1000

This is by far the most popular option with 99% of our clients opting for this choice

High Resolution

File size is around 18mb approx and 2048x3140 pixels depending on the film format. It is good for printing up to A1

  • £1.50 per frame up to 200
  • £1.30 per frame above 200
  • £1.10 per frame above 1000

Other resolutions are available on request.

Please note that on the CD the compressed jpg files will appear smaller in file size than 4.5mb or 18mb, but when opened in Photoshop will be larger in size.

PDF Prices

How We Scan

Slide scanning is done on a state of the art, hi-end Noritsu commercial film scanner costing many thousands of pounds.


The resulting images are beautifully rendered, colour corrected, sharp, and of superlative archival quality. There are many cheap slide scanning services out there which offer scans at 4000+ dpi - but without technologically advanced image processing power the scans produce inferior results

Over the years, we have quite literally scanned in hundreds of thousands of negatives and slides and have thousands of happy customers throughout the UK.


Total Peace of Mind

We are part of the Kodak Express group were quality and superlative customer service comes as standard.

From our studios in central London, we offer our specialist scanning services across the whole of the UK


All slides are individually assessed and adjusted for image quality FREE of CHARGE using cutting edge Noritsu hardware and software.

Film Scanner Screen Shot

Enhancements include

  • Exposure control
  • Brightness and contrast
  • Colour balance
  • Digital Ice Dust & Scratch Removal

Other custom adjustments, such as cropping and zooming in are available for a small extra charge.

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Mounted Slides

120 slides are sometimes placed in card, glass or plastic mounts.

In order to scan the slide film must be removed from the mount. We would prefer you to do this at home but we can do it for you. However, we cannot guarentee to remove the mount without causing damage. For instance, card board mounts may be glued and removing the slide may require tearing the card mount in places.

The slide film itself will never be damaged

120 Slide Scanning

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