Video Tape Repair

We Fix Broken Tapes

We fix broken video cassette housing and snapped, damaged, crinkled, mangled video tape on a daily basis at our London studios.

Broken Video Tapes

We can expertly salvage your precious memories, from all broken consumer tape formats including

  • Video 8, Hi8 and Digital 8 formats
  • Mini DV and HD Min DV
  • Betamax (Betacord) tapes
  • Sony Micro MV video tapes
  • Standard audio cassettes

We can also rescue damaged tape and provide replacement cassettes for pro and semi pro video tape formats such as

  • DVCAM video
  • Low and High Band U-matic Tapes
  • U-matic SP tapes

No matter what type of damage has occurred, the resulting tape is transferred to DVD, or if you prefer, editable MP4 Files for computer editing.

Damage We Can Fix

Tapes which have been physically damaged in some way.

  • Damaged, snarled up, tangled, creased and chewed video footage
  • Snapped video tapes
  • Video Tape which has come off the reel
  • Video tapes which have jammed
  • Video tapes which are ejected by the player or refuse to play
  • Video cassettes which have parts missing
  • Broken and cracked video cassette housings

In some cases, we may be able to repair mould tapes or tapes which have had liquids spilled on them.

Damage We Can't Fix

We do not fix faults which have been caused by bad recordings, or recording equipment set up incorrectly.

  • Lines appearing on the screen
  • Vertical scrolling of the image
  • Problems with the sound
  • Tapes that have sound but no picture
  • Excessive 'snow'

Please note that if you have accidentally erased or recorded over your video tape, there is no way we can retrieve it.

Tape Repair Prices

Repair and Transfer costs £40 per tape and takes around 10 working days. A 24 hour service is available at 50% extra.

We repair your tape/cassette and then transfer the results to DVD.

Although we repair the video tape/cassette housing we do not normally recommend that these are used in a machine and should be kept as a back up.

Playing a repaired video tape which has been spliced together may cause catastrophic damage to VCRs.

In the case of a tape which has snapped halfway through, we may choose to put each half in a separate cassette case so that a repaired splice cannot play over the tape heads.

We will always endeavour to keep as much of the tape intact as possible.

Though all care is taken, we accept no responsibility for any damage caused by playing of a spliced tape on your own equipment.

So, if you have problems retrieving your video content from damaged tapes, before throwing them away as irretrievable, consider sending them to us for assessment.

As a final note, the cost of repairing your videos may be covered by your home contents insurance.

Video Tape Repairs

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