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Cine Identification

To identify which type of cine film you have, all you have to do is measure across the width of the film

Cine Film Widths

  • 8mm
  • 9.5mm
  • 16mm

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Cine Identification

16mm Cine Film

16mm is easily identified by measuring the width of the film - it is 16 mm across.

Cine Film

It was and still is a popular format used by amateur and professional film makers alike. It was made with and without sound. The are two types of sound variants, The first can be identified by a brown magnetic stripe running down the length of the film. The second is an optical sound track. This can be seen when held up to the light as a 'squiggly' line down the side of the film.

16mm Cine Film

Super/Standard 8mm

Super 8 and Standard 8mm cine film measure 8mm across the width.

Cine Film Identification

If you have found some reels of home movie cine film, it will normally be Super 8mm, Standard 8mm, or than likely, a mixture of the two.

8mm Cine Film

How We Do IT

Innovations in digital scanning technology are happening constantly.

Telecine Scanner

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Cine Film Transfer

9.5mm Cine

9.5mm cine film is very easy to identify

  • It has sprocket holes in the middle
  • It is 9.5mm in width
  • It is normally Black and White

9.5mm cine film became popular in the 1920's and was available initially in black & white and then subsequently in colour.

9.5mm Brand Names

Brand names include Pathé, Pathéscope and Pathex.

9.5 Cine Film

Cleaning Cine Film

Cine film that has been stored in dry conditions in a temperate climate is unlikely to need any cleaning.

However, if you have just found a load of home movies stashed away in a garage or attic, storage conditions may not have been ideal.

Cine film can suffer from excessive mould and vinegar syndrome. Cleaning cine film should only be done when it is really neccessary and no other alternatives exist......

Cine Film Cleaning


Over time, the colour balance of the cine film will inevitably shift, resulting in a pin or magenta hue across the whole film.

Using cutting hardware and software, enhancements can be made to the cine film to optimise, colour balance, contrast and brightness.

Cine Film Cleaning

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