VHS Video Tape Transfer


Editable Digital Files

We can produce uncompressed digital computer files from any type of video tape or camcorder tape for editing on home computers.

The file type we produce is normally MP4. This is a standard file type which will play across all video editing platforms on PC and Mac.

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Once the MP4 file is produced, it can easily be converted to other video formats such as .MOV or AVI. As an example, you may need MP4 files for use on an iPhone or iPod.

External Hard Dive for MP4 Files

Editable MP4 file sizes can be up to 5gb/hour.

Customers can supply there own hard drives or USB stick. Alternatively, we can supply one for you.

If you are going to supply your own, please supply a new one. If you supply a hard drive with existing files already written to the hard drive , these will be deleted.

(Geek Point: The reason for this is that we need to convert the file storage system from FAT32 to NTFS to accommodate the large AVI file sizes).

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Pro Edit or DIY?

Typical editing tasks include

  • Cropping out blank footage at the beginning and end of the tape
  • Adding titles and credits to the beginning and end of the video
  • Combining clips from different tapes
  • Adding music and voice overs
  • Combining video with photos from negatives, slides & digital cameras
  • Transition effects between scenes
  • Using effects such as slow motion

We are happy to edit your footage for you - from simple top & tailing, through to full production.

However, these days computer editing is a very simple task that most people can do without any specialist training. The editing programs are simple to use, very intuitive and many of our customers find editing a lot of fun.

Editing From DVDs

Many of our customers ask if it is possible to edit from a DVD that has already been burnt. Provided you have the right software (freely available on the web) the answer is yes. Is it a good idea - the answer is NO.

The main reason why it is not a good idea is that the encoded video on the DVD has been highly compressed. Ripping the DVD to get an editable file will inevitably lead to a poor quality result, especially as the resulting ill need to be further compressed when burnt to DVD.


“A big thank you - I am an actress and had some transfer and editing work with and a very very short timeline for it to be done. I needed to get an updated show reel on You Tube for the job of a lifetime. Special appreciative shout out going to John for all his after hours help"
Lisa, Chiswick, London

Cost £20 per Tape

The prices listed on this page refer to producing editable DV MP4 Files in any combination of the following consumer video tapes

  • VHS, SVHS and VHS-C
  • Betamax, Betacord and Beta Hifi
  • Hi8, Digital8 and Video 8
  • Sony MicroMV tapes
  • MiniDV tapes SD and HD

For prices for professional formats such as DVCAM, DVCPro, Betacam, Betacam and U-matic etc please contact us.

£15 per Tape!

If you give us 6 to 10 videos there is a 25% discount - just £15 per tape.

£10 per Tape!

If you give us 11 or more video tapes there is a 50% discount - just £10 per tape.


Total Peace of Mind

We are part of the Kodak Express group specialising in Video Tape and Cine film transfer to DVD, USB Sticks and Digital Files . We have studios on Camden High Street, London. Callers are welcome and Mail Order customers can shop online with us with complete peace of mind.

Extra DVD Copies

Order a back up copy for just £6 each

You may need an extra copy for friends and family, or you may just want a back up copy in case the original becomes damaged.

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