9.5mm Cine Film Transfers


9.5mm Cine Film to DVD

Transfer, copy and conversion of Super 8, Standard 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm cine film to DVD and Digital File Formats. for home editing.

This type of film was developed in the early 1900s, reaching a peak with consumers in the 1930s.

It offered the public a relative cheap way to make home movies. The film was played back on the hugely popular Pathéscope projectors

9.5mm Cine Capture

Thanks to the huge leaps in scanning technology over the last 10 years, we can bring your our highest quality 9.5 cine transfers at our cheapest ever prices.

Ciine Film Transfer

9.5mm cine film transfer system.

  • No damage to fragile cine film
  • No sprockets mean no damage to film
  • No gears mean no damage to film
  • Film transported via capstan tension
  • LED lamp produces no heat
  • Transports film under capstan tension
  • No gears or sprockets to damage film
  • Contrast and sharpness enhancement
  • SD and HD output options

The Process

9.5mm Digital Files

Editable MP4 Computer Files

Instead of encoded DVDs for watching on your TV system, you can choose to have digital files for home computer editing. We can produce AVI, .MOV, MP4, Quicktime etc.

Editable Files

Film Identification

9.5mm cine film is very easy to identify as it has sprocket holes in between every frame which are in the centre of the film.

Cine Film Identification

Another clue to the identification of the film is that it measures 9.5mm across. Brand names include Pathé, Pathéscope and Pathex.

Identification Guide

Reel Running Times

  • 3" diameter - 50ft, 2 minutes
  • 5" diameter - 200ft, 8 minutes
  • 7" diameter - 400ft, 15 minutes
  • 9" diameter - 800ft, 30 minutes
  • 12" diameter - 1200ft, 45 minutes

Please note that running times are approximate as they depend on the frame rate.

Cine 9.5mm Prices

9.5mm cine transfer start at just £25 per reel. 9.5mm films are normally done within two weeks. However, if you have a deadline, please let us know - we know we can beat it.

You will be charged by the amount of cine footage you give us, so don't worry if the cine reels do not look completely full.

For full details of 9.5mm cine cost download our PDF price guide.

PDF Cine Prices


We are part of the Kodak Express group specialising in Video Tape and Cine film transfer to DVD. We have studios on Camden High Street, London were all work is done onsite. Callers are welcome and Mail Order customers can shop online with us with complete peace of mind..

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All cine film that comes into our studios is assessed for damage and cleanliness, FREE OF CHARGE.

Typically, films may need resplicing and a puff of compressed air to remove dust and hairs.

On occasion, cine film comes in smelling of vinegar - Vinegar Syndrome, or may be badly affected with mould and mildew.

If this happens, we will contact you to discuss the options.

Cine Film Cleaning

9.5 mm Cine Film Transfer

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