Cine Film Enhancements

Colour Adjustment

The colours in a cine film are vulnerable to to fading and the colour balance can shift over time.

There are various factors that cause this such as the storage conditions and the original film stock used.

The most common type of colour shift is towards the magenta end of the spectrum leading to a pinkish/purpley cast to the film.

Colour balance adjustment to minimise the effect of the magenta/purple shift is possible and there are two basic methods to do this.

The first is to capture the cine as a digital file and then to use software to correct the colours afterward film capture.

We use the second method which gives a far superior result. Colour corrections are made as the cine film is being digitised using the hardware that comes with our cutting edge digital telecine equipment.

The final results depend on how far the colour has shifted. For the best results, some of the original primary colours must be left in the film to aid enhancement.

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Other Adjustments

Luminance & Contrast Enhancements

Adjustments for brightness and contrast are made as the cine film is being captured. However, if your film is very dark (under exposed), or very light (over exposed), there is very little that can be done as there is no information on the film to work with.

Post Production Techniques

The cine film above shows what is possible using modern digital techniques.

The restoration was carried out using freely available the Avisynth scripts to stabilise camera shake, remove dirt and scratches, sharpen blurry detail, improve detail in shadow areas, correct white balance, and correct colours. The original was then upconverted from 16 fps to a smooth looking 30 fps using motion interpolation.

This level of restoration is not cheap - please contact us if it is something you would like.


Amazing work! John's hard work throughout the project was second to none! Any concerns we had regarding the cine transfer were a fully addressed. We placed the order just before before Xmas and despite the short notice they managed to get it back to us in time for christmas. I have no hesitation in recommending this company. Thank you so much!"
Ted - Mayfair London
Most impressive! We are 150% happy with the DVD of our cine film that has just arrived. The results of the transfer far exceeded our expectations. despite the fact the some of the film was pretty mashed up. The staff were more than helpful and I am delighted with the results."
Sam in Chiswick London
“On the death of mother, we found 100's family movies on cine and video tape. I gave them 10 reels of film to check the quality and was happy with the results. They have now done 1000's of feet of cine and maintained top-notch quality and service. The DVDs were much higher quality than I expected and I can see details that I never noticed were there before!!! !"
Raffa in St Johns Wood London

Cine Film Enhancements

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